Do it in 20 May 2017 – Anger – 4th Film


A Do it in 20 Entry for Bristol’s Show Me The Animation responding to the theme Anger. That annoying thing when one housemate works full time and you work part time, and your full time housemate suspects you hadn’t done anything all day because your hours are different. Frustrating…


The Jackwizers Initial Animation Short – February 2017


I am currently in the development stage for a range of different projects. One of them being this: a short animation of my character Spike which I plan to continue reusing him in many future shorts. This was my personalised version of a pilot introducing an initial story which I plan to make a continuing string of stories/animations with Spike and an array of other characters. I plan to make a series of so called “Webisodes” for a possible YouTube channel whereby the story/scenarios/events keep unfolding and continuing throughout with different characters. How I will make the films in terms of visual style and when I will produce them (targets) is not yet set in stone.

I decided to use Flash to lay out all the scenes and to how each composition would look using simple drawing and painting tools (similar to an animatic). As I am in the early phases, this look wouldn’t be the finalised look. When I start to make the “Webisode” ideas I would like the styles to vary. Hopefully a mixture of stop motion and 2D.

Watch this Space!